Dogs and Cats

Start Your Day with a Cup of Creativi-TEA

Start YOUR day with a cup of CREATIVI-TEA (read: creativity) with this adorable, whimsical kitten, wearing hipster glasses, peeking out of a vintage tea cup.

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Feeding Fido: A Guide to Safe “Hooman” Foods for Your Fluffy Family Member

Now in its 2nd edition, with more foods added to the list. The items have all been meticulously compiled from reputable sources such as APSCA, Humane Society, PETA, and PetMD. This helpful infographic poster has been re-pinned over 10K times (32,968 as of May 17, 2017) on Pinterest! It’s the perfect poster for any dog lover!

Print it at home or the office and post it on your refrigerator as I have.
ENJOY and here’s to a lifetime of love from Fido! 🙂

This list is not comprehensive nor should the information be considered professional advice. Please use your own judgement and always consult with your vet.

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