Plant Swap hosting tips + free Invitation

Spring or fall are the perfect seasons to host and/or attend a plant swap party.

March 3 • World Wildlife DAy

March 3rd is World Wildlife Day. It’s special because, even just for a single day, we can focus on the precious floral and fauna that surround our cities and homes, and hopefully give back to them. They make Earth a beautiful diverse ecosystem. Please donate, attend an event, or educate yourself and your kiddos.

To show my appreciation for your generous donation to your wildlife organization of choice, I have these two free posters to share with you: GROW Where You are Planted -or- PLANT Seeds of Love.

April 22 • EARTH DAY

Earth Day is one of my favorite days to celebrate! We only have planet Earth where we can live out our happy little existence…why not take care of it and make it beautiful?

Spring is here for some of us, but quickly heading into summer for warmer parts of the world—that means some of your vegetable and flower plants may have already started to shed their colorful outfits and seeded. Save them for next year or share them with other gardeners! My gift to you for the entire month of April is a print-your-own vintage-inspired seed packet for tomato seeds! ENJOY!

Camping Scavenger

Every year as the summer heat wanes and cooler autumn days approach, I start daydreaming about camping and hiking adventures! I thought it would be fun to share this little activity with y’all – a visual scavenger checklist that is equally adventurous, educational, and FUN! The kiddos (and hopefully the adults, too) will learn about the different flora and fauna in their surroundings (ahem, this is for the southern US). And remember…

  1. Packing Things. Take OUT what you take IN (water, snacks, tissues, your shoes and socks — believe me, I’ve seen odd things on the trails 😂).
  2. Safety First. Have fun, be safe, be considerate of others, and watch where you step.
  3. Respect and Protect Nature. Leave flowers, plants, trees, and rocks for the next person to appreciate. Never ever pick or purposely trample them.
  4. Recycle. Most city, state, and national parks are fully equipped with trash and recycling receptacles. Please recycle and dispose of your items accordingly.

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