April 22 • Earth Day

Happy Earth Day! This is one of my favorite days to celebrate. We only have one planet that we know of, where we can live out our happy little existence, so why not take care of it and make it beautiful? My gift to you for the entire month of April are these three downloadable print-your-own vintage inspired seed packets! Spring is here for some of us, but quickly heading into summer for the warmer parts of the world – that means some of your vegetable and flower plants may have already started to shed their colorful outfits and seeded. Save them for next year or share them with other gardeners! ENJOY!


The entire 5-seed-packets package can be purchased on Etsy.

March 3 • World Wildlife Day

Australia’s recent wild fires have devastated almost 27 million acres of land and natural habitat, killing almost 1.25 billion precious animals. Today, on World Wildlife Day, or any other day, please consider donating any amount to the Australian wildlife — or ANY wildlife organization that speaks to your heart.


For the entire month of March, I am providing these two originally illustrated and designed 8×10 high resolution prints FREE, in exchange for your consideration to donate. No need to contact me. This is honor-based system.


This list was pulled directly from the USA Today January 2, 2020 article. There may be other updated links out there.

Camping Scavenger Hunt
Luluesque_Camping Scavenger Hunt

Every year as summer ends and autumn approaches, I start daydreaming about all the outdoor fun and adventures to be had! Picnics, pumpkin carving parties; autumn leaves of red, orange, and yellow; mischievous woodland creatures; hiking; gardening; and one of my favorite outdoor adventures…CAMPING!

Luluesque_Camping Scavenger Hunt

I thought it would be fun to share this little activity with y’all. It’s adventurous, colorful, and a great visual educational tool! The kiddos will learn about the different flora and fauna in their surroundings. I hope it help your kiddos appreciate mother nature more!

  1. Download and print the PDF
  2. Give a sheet to your kiddo (and even the adults!) and have them check off the image once it’s been seen on the hunt.
  3. Be safe. Have fun. Pay attention to where you walk.
  4. Take out what you take in.
  5. Leave the flowers, plants and rocks for the next person to appreciate. Never ever pick them.
  6. Recycle what you can (like these sheets once you’re finished!).

Happy Camping and Happy Hunting! 🙂