DIY: Illuminated “Snow People”

luluesque_DIY craft_illuminated snow-2

This winter/holiday craft project is super easy and the kiddos really enjoy it. It’s quite simple and you probably already have many of the things on this supply list.


  • Clear or white plastic bottles of choice
  • Glue gun
  • Battery-operated tea light candles or string lights
  • Acrylic paint
  • Scissors
  • Felt/fabric
  • Ribbons
  • Mini buttons
  • Mini bells
  • Small sticks/twigs ~ optional
  • old or cheap gloves ($1/pair)
  • Other embellishments of choice


  1. Wash bottles and remove all labels
  2. Cut out the bottom of the bottles or cut a hole in the back for the light
  3. Paint on the face and other decorations around the body
  4. Make the scarves and hats from felt, fabric, or old/cheap gloves
  5. Tie on the scarves and stretch on the knit hats over the tops of the bottles
  6. Glue on embellishments
  7. Glue on stick arms
  8. Insert light of choice and enjoy!