DIY Projects

scented fire starters

luluesque_DIY craft_scented fire starters

Link coming soon.


luluesque_DIY craft_pretty felt roses-1

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Illuminated upcycled “snow people”

luluesque_DIY craft_illuminated snow-1

To make this fun project, go HERE.

Camping Scavenger Hunt:
A Stroll with Mother Natur

Luluesque_Camping Scavenger Hunt

Every year as summer ends and autumn approaches, I start daydreaming about all the outdoor fun and adventures to be had! Picnics, pumpkin carving parties; autumn leaves of red, orange, and yellow; mischievous woodland creatures; hiking; gardening; and one of my favorite outdoor adventures…CAMPING!

I thought it would be fun to share this little activity with y’all. It’s adventurous, colorful, and a great visual educational tool! The kiddos will learn about the different flora and fauna in their surroundings. I hope it help your kiddos appreciate mother nature more!

Luluesque_Camping Scavenger HuntDOWNLOADABLE PDF • Luluesque_Camping Scavenger Hunt 

  1. Download the PDF.
  2. Give each sheet to your kiddo (and even the adults!), and have them check off the image once it’s been sighted on their Camping Scavenger Hunt!
  3. Be safe. Have fun. Pay attention to where you walk.
  4. Take out what you take in.
  5. Leave the flowers and plants for the next person to appreciate.
  6. Recycle what you can (like these sheets once you’re finished!)

Happy Camping and Happy Hunting! 🙂


Sprout Your Own Scallions

luluesque-sprout scallions

If you compost, you’re probably in the habit of automatically chucking all your kitchen scraps into a temporary bin, then later dumping the contents in your backyard. Well, it is a new year, why not add another “RE-” to your lifestyle, after all, you are already REusing, REcycling, REpurposing, REducing, etc. Now, try RE-sprouting some produce!

These scallions grew on an east-facing windowsill so they get lots of morning-afternoon sun, without all the heat. I will test them on the south-facing windowsill and see how they fare. I am curious just how many rounds of “fresh scallions” I can get out of my sprouts. I’m also curious to see if they’ll be greener with more sunlight for chlorophyll.

If you have young kids, this will be an easy and interactive project for them! It really is that easy and fun, folks! 🙂