Feeding Fido: Safe Foods for Dogs 2nd Edition


Way back in July 2013 I shared a post about my sweet dog’s weight issues and the healthy diet I put him on. His name is Mochi and he is about to turn 6! Yay, Happy Birthday, Mochi!

I have a printed version of the 1st edition on my fridge; it has been very helpful. Family and friends have inquired about the list and I’ve since seen it shared on Pinterest over 9,000 (9,364 as of today) times. That’s wild!

As a birthday celebration, I updated the “Feeding Fido” list that I use to guide myself with Mochi’s healthy eating. There are more food items on both the “Safe” and “Unsafe” lists, along with new doggie illustrations, done by yours truly. 🙂

Mochi still enjoys going for walks, hikes, and runs. And while we all tease about his girth and that he’s “Fluffy, not Fat,” his weight has been kept under control! He still enjoys his fruits and veggies. I think he is one of the very few dogs I’ve met that goes nuts at the sight of fruits and veggies and has your undivided attention the second you’re chopping in the kitchen.

Post from 2013

I have a sweet dog that was overweight even though he hardly ate anything to begin with. He loves to go for walks, run, and hikes. We had him tested for diabetes and hypothyroidism, both of which returned negative. Our vet instructed us to drastically cut down his meal portions. He was on an organic dog food diet that was free of corn and gluten and gets plenty of water, but he was forever bloated and gained a lot of weight.

We decided to do research to see if he would be better off on a diet full of HUMAN foods: fresh, organic fruits and vegetables, fish, cheese, grains, and chicken. He’s since lost about 6 pounds and is much more active and is even happier than he was before! 🙂

I initially put together this information for myself. I printed this and have it on my refrigerator and find it very helpful. I’m sharing this list with other dog lovers but would like to point out that “toxic” may not be a very good choice-word for some of the foods. I will change it to “unsafe.”  Enjoy! 🙂

PLEASE NOTE: This list is not comprehensive nor should the information be considered professional advice. Please use your own judgement and always consult with your vet.

PURCHASE ON ETSY: This full-color chart is available as a direct-download file on Etsy. ENJOY! 🙂