Farmer’s Market Petite Rainbow Salad

luluesque_farmers market petite rainbow salad

This is one of those salads that will require you to rise early on a Saturday (or Sunday) morning, visit your local farmer’s market (or better yet, where you are visiting on your travels! :)) and leisurely stroll around with your cup of coffee in one hand, canvas shopping bag in the other. Meander your way from stall to stall and soak up all the color your local farmers have bestowed upon you and your culinary ambitions!

Never do I appreciate all the farm-to-table luxuries available to me more than when I chat with the farmer or farm-help that is tending the stall. Organic, sustainably-grown produce; humanely-raised animals; handcrafted soaps; oils pressed from orchards just a few hours away from me; beautiful duck, quail, and chicken eggs from free-range birds that actually get to scratch the soil beneath their feet, or swim around in their little pond; hormone-free milk and cheeses from cute little goats that take naps with their furry friend Fido; and freshly caught fish from the Fishmonger—I could go on and on.

This salad is an ode to the locavore & invasivore movement that has taken me by storm. Some of these greens are from my own microfarm, but I’m certain your local market will offer all of these tantalizing items. This was a HUGE hit amongst my friends and family. Grab what inspires you and build your rainbow salad. Then drizzle with your favorite balsamic vinegar dressing or vinaigrette.

In My “Farmer’s Market Petite Rainbow Salad”:

  • baby romaine heads ~ sliced in half
  • Cherokee Purple tomato slices
  • seedless English cucumbers slices
  • petite baby carrots
  • sugar snap pea tendrils
  • sugar snap peas
  • slices of purple shallot
  • baby cilantro
  • watermelon radishes

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