2014: A Wild Edible Adventure

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Happy 2014, y’all!

It’s a new year, why not embark on new culinary adventures: WILD EDIBLES! Ever heard of burdock, purslane, morel, wood sorrel, and borage? If not, check out the following links at the end of this blog and/or do your own research. You get brownie points if you can guess the wild edibles embedded in my graphic above!

You will be astonished at the availability of food for us foraging vegetarians and veggie-lovers! In fact, when I visited a Farmer’s Market in Portland, OR, I saw chickweed and henbit — “backyard weeds” that I’d uprooted from my own garden countless times before! At a vegan, raw food restaurant in Austin, TX, I noticed there were Lamb’s Quarters (no, it’s not what you think) mixed into my salad! On a hike in the Ozark Mountains region of NW Arkansas, I crossed a flowing stream with clusters of watercress, beckoning my name. In college, a friend and I used to go hunting for wild morel mushrooms early in the morning, after a thunderstorm from the night before. All along the roadsides of a quaint Peloponnesian town in Greece, I found plenty of chamomile soaking up the Mediterannean sun! And you cannot imagine my delightful surprise when I discovered that the Jamaican street fare, callaloo pies, were actually made with amaranth! When I was a child, we used to go foraging for wild amaranth so that my sweet Mama could make soup for dinner. It truly is simply amazing how much wild, edible food is just right beneath your feet, or within reach right in your own backyard! You just have to look! 🙂

CAUTION: Do NOT CONSUME anything you are not 150% CERTAIN is a wild edible. I and the authors and photographers of these websites are not accountable. If you are interested in becoming a forager, do LOTS of research, or consult an expert.

Here are some very informative websites for starters. Thank-you to these wonderful bloggers/contributors!

If you know of any cool sites/books with quality photographs and/or illustrations, please share that intel with me and readers of this blog!

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5 thoughts on “2014: A Wild Edible Adventure

    1. Very cool, Ani! Thanks for sharing with us. I’ve had them too and quite like the bitter properties. I read that you can make tea out of roasted dandelion root.

      Here are some interesting medical properties, courtesy of WebMD:

  1. Hi Lindy, I love this.  I want to share that I read somewhere that wild wildcress can have dangerous parasites – panicked because I often bought watercress at Whole Foods.  The WF veggie stocker told me their watercress isn’t wild – not sure how they grow it!  Anyways, if you had wild watercress it looks like you survived just fine.  Thanks for a great post.  Patricia


    1. Thanks for sharing this very important piece of information! I always try to stay away from contaminated or “iffy” areas and thoroughly wash my wild edibles. But, yes, I have been fortunate!

  2. […] It is exactly what it sounds like: devouring, consuming invasive species. The focus is on sourcing invasive species for food, while simultaneously helping the environment. It’s brilliant. The world population has exploded to exponential proportion, food sources are being rapidly depleted, and globalization has introduced foreign species into new ecosystems, wreaking havoc on indigenous species and the natural balance. This eco-culinary movement adds a new depth to foraging for foods. […]

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