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There is only so much one can learn in school, regardless of what industry you choose. The majority of valuable gained experience is by trial and error, while on the job or in the field; by watching how-to videos; by observing your surroundings and soaking in all the inspiration; by learning from your mentors and those that inspire you; and by reading, reading, and more reading magazines, blogs, books, etc.

I often browse how-to video tutorials and blogs to gain insight on the most efficient way to achieve a particular style/technique. Sometimes I scour the “interwebs” for inspiration on the latest design and illustrative trends. Recently I stumbled upon a Canadian web designer/illustrator’s website called “One Year of Design.” David Wehmeyer features his creativity with a different creation everyday, for an entire year. I think it’s brilliant and so inspirational. In lieu of wasting time reading/watching junk, he, instead, harvests that energy for creative good!

I aim to make 2014 a year full of creativity, whether through my recreational photography, amateur culinary creations, or through my doodles and illustrations. Meanwhile, I have been busy creating these Christmas/Holiday designs. Enjoy! 🙂

In addition, you can be creative and also learn something new everyday! Here’s your freebie for today: Ü is a U with an “umlaut”/”diaeresis.”

  • To achieve this on a Mac, press Option + U (or u), then press U.
  • To achieve this on a PC, press Alt 0202 (for Ü) and Alt 0252 (for ü).


stock-illustration-31619774-lovebirds-sweet-home-welcoming-for-the-holidaysstock-illustration-31417750-hand-drawn-vintage-texas-cowboy-boot-country-christmas stock-illustration-24660118-festive-penguin-holiday-card stock-illustration-18693943-penguins-celebrating-christmas-on-snowy-evening stock-illustration-18676410-ornaments-on-reindeer-antlers

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