Feeding Fido: Safe or Toxic Foods for Dogs

I have a sweet dog that was overweight even though he hardly ate anything to begin with. He loves to go for walks, run, and hikes. We had him tested for diabetes and hypothyroidism, both of which returned negative. Our vet instructed us to drastically cut down his meal portions. He was on an organic dog food diet that was free of corn and gluten and gets plenty of water, but he was forever bloated and gained a lot of weight.

We decided to do research to see if he would be better off on a diet full of HUMAN foods: fresh, organic fruits and vegetables, fish, cheese, grains, and chicken. He’s since lost about 6 pounds and is much more active and is even happier than he was before! 🙂

I initially put together this information for myself. I printed this and have it on my refrigerator and find it very helpful. I’m sharing this list with other dog lovers but would like to point out that “toxic” may not be a very good choice-word for some of the foods. I will change it to “unsafe.”  Enjoy! 🙂


PLEASE NOTE: This list is not comprehensive nor should the information be considered professional advice. Please use your own judgement and always consult with your vet.

PURCHASE ON ETSY: This full-color chart is available as a direct-download file on Etsy  (KawaiilLulu). ENJOY! 🙂

Luluesque-Wordpress-Etsy-Kawaiilulu-Feeding Fido-Infographic Poster_Dog Safe Food_lores

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5 thoughts on “Feeding Fido: Safe or Toxic Foods for Dogs

  1. Thank you for the info. But I have a question. With the safe foods, how do I know if my dog is getting all the nutrients she needs? Also I’m thinking of going vegitarian. Could my dog as well? If so, how will she get the protien she needs? I realize I could research this and I will. However im curious what have you found out?
    Thanks for your time.

    1. Hi Michelle,
      Very good questions! I’d be curious to know these answers myself! :o)
      I suggest some serious research and a one-to-one consult with your vet. At the end of the day, Fido is like Joe: we’re all very different and have different needs. My sweet Mochi is pretty much on a pesca-pollo-ovo-lacto-vegetarian (mouthful!) diet such as myself. He also gets annual checkups and is a pretty active little fella. He hikes, runs, and swims. I give him more food and protein based on how active we’ve been. I honestly don’t think any dog could be a complete vegetarian like us humans, but I could be very wrong! Good luck with your new impending vegetarian lifestyle! :o)

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