Roasted Baby Brussels



Ahhhhh, don’t you just love spring? Everything is green and blooming. The flowers are showing their first sign of color; the birds are happily chirping while butterflies flit about freely; and squirrels play tag among the trees, beneath the lush blue skies.

It’s also a wonderful time to visit the local farmers’ market and take advantage of the cornucopia of delightful greens! Be sure to pick up some baby Brussels sprouts. What makes them “baby?” While these already “miniature cabbage heads” vary in size, the largest of the spring batch I purchased is about the size of my thumb (well, I’m a bit of a diminutive being). These cute little green babies roast to perfection!

Using the same recipe for the larger version:

  1. I slightly spread the leaves apart on the larger sprouts,
  2. drizzled some grape seed oil,
  3. added some Herbs de Provence,
  4. mixed them all evenly,
  5. and roasted these at 400°F.

Bon Appétit!