Foraging Fun: Wild Onions


In my neck of the suburban woods, springtime in the meadows and park areas are a thicket of bluebonnets, daisies, indian paintbrushes, rain lilies, verbena, blue-eyed grass, and…WILD ONIONS! 🙂 I get so excited when I am out and about and spot edibles. I picked a whole bunch of these delicious gifts from Mother Nature. Thus far, I have added the unopened buds to my soups and the buds that have formed little “onions” on top have been sautéed, baked with fish, or stir-fried. Delicious.

In the last picture, I have bunashimeji mushrooms, wild onion flowers, and turnips. The fish will go on top so that the veggies below get infused with flavor as they bake in the oven for 45 minutes @ 375°F.