HOWDY and welcome to my little digital bubble!

I am not sure you how you stumbled upon my little world, but I am so delighted you stopped by for spot of tea! In my professional life, I work as a full-time illustrator and multimedia-designer. In my personal life (READ: when I have time), which is mostly weekends and *some evenings*, I revel in a plethora of hobbies (in no particular order of preference): hiking, biking, jigsaw puzzles, games, gardening, reading, traveling, cooking, sewing, crocheting, plant-shopping (YES, it’s a thing), baking, drawing, watercolor painting, etc. (like I said, plethora). 

I started blogging so I can share all my wonderful discoveries…way back when “Web + Logging = Blogging” was a new thing. Now I use this platform as my digital recipe archive; some of the recipes are proudly my own and some are a Frankenstein from various cooking resources. Most of what I cook and consume is vegan or vegetarian; occasionally you will see a dabbling of poultry or fish.  If you scroll through the recipes, you’ll notice the look and feel changes with the times. Sometimes I take photos, sometimes I illustrate them — and sometimes I admittedly do a bad job at the photos and don’t have time to edit them. It just depends on what the Keepers of Time allow me. 

Enjoy and Bon Appétit!